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Construction & Investment Holding "Russian Monolith"
Construction & Investment Holding "Russian Monolith" appeared on the market 7 years ago. Nowadays, it's one of the biggest building companies in our country. "Russian Monolith" specializes in construction of elite habitation of the highest categories: "Business class", "Premium", "Deluxe". It is also engaged in construction of commercial real estate.

The basic principle of the Company is a fair and qualitative work.
The permanent tradition - is the well-considered decision-making.
All employees are highly professional specialists. "Russian Monolith" is one of the leaders in elaboration and introduction of advanced technologies in the spheres of units' construction and maintenance. Technological achievements of the Company have become an example for other firms in the building sector and allowed to use the gained experience in the large-scale construction projects.

"Russian Monolith" deserved reputation of a reliable builder for 7 years of work. The serious attitude to the duties has resulted in the confidence to the Company of all clients and partners.

"Russian Monolith" - is a guarantee of investments and high quality of construction.

Construction & Investment Holding "Russian Monolith" includes:
  • "Building Company "Russian Monolith" Ltd.
  • "Department of Capital Construction "Russian Monolith" Ltd.
  • "Repairing & Maintenance Department "Russian Monolith" Ltd.
  • "Investment Comapany "Russian Monolith" Ltd.
Construction & Investment Holding
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